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  2. Brian Travinski

    I had a Pro Diver that I bought from Invicta. I went to register the extended warranty and it kept asking for money. They said on TV that it was free. Guess not.
    Then when I tried to contact the company, the customer service line always says, ” your caller # 34 and your wait time is 44 minutes” says that no matter how many times you call day or night.
    So I thought I’d get creative and call the Corporate offices seeing that they are right here where I live in South FL. They don’t even answer the phones! It just rings and rings! Then I got lucky one day and a lady answered and said for me to email her my receipt and she’d help me out. I did, 3 times! And triple checked the Email address with her. But she swears she’s not getting the Emails.

    Its been a nightmare. And when looking up the company information, Elel says in an interview that he doesn’t want ANY contact with consumers! Well, it appears that with the lack of customer service, that statement is pretty obvious.
    I Emailed customer service,they never responded nor did that lady ever call me back even though I left my phone number with her.

    VERY disappointed in this company. And as the Pres/CEO of a Media Corp, I personally don’t see how they can survive in business with this level of poor customer service and lack of customer loyalty. Should NEVER be this hard to get a watch fixed.

    1. Gene

      I know your date is 2014 but someone else may read your post with a problem. Use this link.

    2. Jeffrey Saltzman

      They are playing a sheer numbers game. Same as the 17 major different designs and the variations of each design within each sub-group….you’re bound to find something you like … Or so it’s their philosophy.

      1. Jeffrey Saltzman

        I would submit they are much more of a marketing company than a sheer watch company. That would lead one to believe they gave excellent customer service and warranty claims service. Sadly, such is not the case at all…but I’ll save that for my own article that I’m writing.

  3. karim d

    to fix my invicta.

  4. Stormy

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  5. grande

    I always felt that it was better to wear a Seiko, Casio (take your pick of inexpensive choices out there) then an Invicta-Rolex look-a-like.

  6. Sara

    Nice to read the post and I got to know a lot about Invicta that I was not aware of before reading the post.
    I want to tell you that I recently purchased a wrist watch, the Sykla smartwatch at and found it very beautiful and stylish!

  7. Shaun Henden

    I too have sent emails about a faulty watch strap to both sales@ &

    The only response I have had is an automated reply from service stating that they will respond within 24 to 72 hours. Nothing else not even an acknowledgement that they are looking into my issue.

    This company’s lack of response obviously leads me to believe that customer service is not their priority. I would, therefore, recommend that potential customers of Invicta take this on board before they make their final decision to purchase.

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  9. Dale Allen

    This situation is clearly consumer fraud as product support is part of the sale.

    Every one affected should send their experience to the Florida Attorney General’s Office at:

    1. Debbie

      Thanks; for the info. I will be writing a letter to the Attorney General’s office. I just need a replacement leather watch band for my watch and the only place I can get one is through Invicta. Its a special made diamond band. Cost of the watch $2100. I can not get anyone to call me back. No jewerler in town wants to work on it. They tell me to send it back to Invicta.

    2. Jeffrey Saltzman

      You sound like a competitor. There’s no fraud involved in bad customer service. That’s merely something the consumer should take into consideration when making a purchase.

  10. Brian J. McClure

    Invicta watches are not No.1, but their quality is acceptable at the budget price point, the real problem lies in their quality control, it’s kind of hit-or-miss

  11. Jim pegg

    I have been an Invicta customer for many years. I own over 60 Invicta watches . I started out with less expensive models and was very impressed. I never had a problem with them . I rapidly began buying more expensive models and have been very pleased . I have given them as gifts without problems . I know that some people seem to have had problems but i will continue to indulge in beautifully designed and made watches of excellent quality.

    1. Ron

      Invicta makes a wide range of watches for the masses. Like Jim, I tend to collect the more expensive Invictas and they have provided me with virtually flawless timekeeping and zero issues. Invicta also makes/assembles mediocre or mid grade watches that boast “Swiss Parts”, but they are assembled in other countries with less than skilled craftsmen and the overall result is a cheaper timepiece with a below average warranty. Much like a Mickey Mouse watch from Disneyland, 90 days to 1 year only because they are not a top shelf production piece. If you want a top quality Swiss timepiece, you are going to have to invest more than a hundred bucks. To other peoples points as well though, customer service should be top priority for a company that is bringing in over $50 million dollars annually! My best advice is to continue to demand the customer service you deserve, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, otherwise, you lose out and they will not stop their growth for a mere bump in the road; you have to let them know you expect their integrity and follow through.

      1. Jeffrey Saltzman

        Although you’re correct about customer service, Ron, I can badly think of a company whose customer service hasn’t declined since the 2007-2008 recession. It’s the first place these companies start cutting…non-revenue producing personnel….cutting off their respective noses to spite their faces.

    2. John Hudgins

      I own four Invicta Sea Hunter watches. I have two that are over three years old and they a performing well.

  12. Travis Salley

    Does anyone have extra links for a Bolt Zeus (0820). Invicta says I have to buy an entire band so I can have someone take links out and add to my band. $220 for the band.

  13. Irvin Martie

    For the money Citizen makes a great watch and you can get a good deal on ebay. These Invicta watch’s just don’t hold up and once they have a problem your stuck, no one will work on them. Citizen and other companies will repair their own watch’s , just takes some time but they are good about it.


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