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  1. John

    This is really helpful! I find out a lot more about watches and how to choose them.

    p.s my choice is quartz watches \’cause I don\’t like to wind a mechanical.

  2. Rolex watches

    This is really helpful! I find out a lot more about watches and how to choose them. Rolex watches

  3. Hew Larry

    Nice articles. Could you please suggest the mountain watches ?

  4. bob

    This was sadly ignorant. A watch with 56 jewels? 100 jewels? Who the f— makes that? You are talking out your ass. Nobody makes a 100 jewel wrist watch.

    1. WatchEx

      100 jewels is not maximum :) there are timepieces like a piece of art. Thats a more like jewelry watches.

  5. faybudi

    Nice articles. I always interested in simple watch (in look) but have many function in it. Seiko is the affordable one that I recommend

  6. Andrew

    I am a huge watch fan, I myself have quite a few watches in my collection
    I believe that the best watch on the market dollar for dollar is the Oris brand, Oris has quite a catalogue, beautiful designs, great movement and most of all you will not have to
    sell your Bentley to purchase one of their great watches.

    I am not paid by Oris to write this just a watch fan. Check out the Oris site and enjoy one their great timepiece .

  7. Andy

    Good article overall. Not quite sure about your advise on movements though. The movement is extremely important for choosing a watch in my mind. I guess it depends what you are after though.

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  10. Joseph Ling

    Personally, I think the choice of watch movement is of prior importance. An Automatic movement is more expensive than quartz movement for watches in the same class. Then, there are differences in Swiss movements and Japanese movements as well as Chinese movements. And because of the working parts and the complex mechanism in automatic movements, it is more valuable in passing time than quartz movement.Moreover, automatic movements are serviceable even after a long period of time enabling it to be passed on to your descendants as heirloom. There are many other reasons too if you want to pick between automatic or quartz movment.

  11. Zovi

    Finally the perfect guide for me to buy a right watch. I am going for a Metal Strap Watch by Gio. Thanks.

  12. Purplle

    Choosing a perfect watch is really difficult. Your guide is help me to choose a correct watch for me. Thanks.

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  14. Eddie

    Hi can some one please help me to choose a watch between to brand Emporio Armani and Michael Kors and strap type leather or metal .

  15. rajesh

    First of all I would like to thanks for such a nice informative post.when i was selecting watch its difficult to but now its easy

  16. Lurap

    I am crazy about watches. I have collections of watches from Fossil, Edifice, Armani. Nice to see this article.

  17. kartik

    Thanks! Finally the perfect guide for me to buy a right watch. I am going for a Metal Strap Watch by Gio.

  18. Arsh

    Very well and meticulously written guide on watches. Right from watch types, prices and features, everything is covered in nice and simple manner. Great stuff.

  19. Shad Morris

    I really want to start wearing a watch, and was curious about how you would go about buying one. It’s interesting that you say to look for the style and choose from there. It would be nice to get something that was a little dressier.


    Really Your blog is very interesting, i am also suggest to my friends to read your post.

  21. Watch discount on amazon

    Really Your blog is very interesting, i am also suggest to my friends to read your post.

  22. Rahul Kumar

    Finding right one, especially watch is one of the most tedious job. However, you have made it easier with your blog. Water Resistance was always mine favourite

  23. Hiya

    Very well , good article on watches. This is really helpful! I find out a lot more about watches

  24. promo code

    wooo nice way to select watches

  25. Hari G.

    Good intro to the subject. I also doubt about those “100 jewels”, but, hey, we can all make some mistake sometime. If anybody is really interested, your article will be a good start or step along the way of learning. My contribution? – – – First get a clear idea of what kind of watch you’re looking for… dressy to look serious in the CEOs meeting or wedding? Informal for your daily young lifestyle as a student or another worker in the crowd? Cool and crafty to take the tourists diving or mountaineering? – – – For my lifestyle I choose a Seiko divers (200m/600ft), day-&-date (in some jobs you work all season, and loose track of the weekday!) Mechanical & automatic, most months I have to adjust it a few minutes… and the date; no sweat. Very, very visible day or night. After ten years it is still working tough and calm, I should take it cleaning for once some day. From body surfing to washing the dishes, no worries. But don’t shower with it as the hot water affects its pace quite a lot. It cost 200 dollars, it is bright yellow as a friendly smiley. And in these 10 years it has got only one hardly visible tiny mark in one side of the cristal.

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  28. Dean Phillips

    I thought it was interesting how you recommended choosing a watch with a large face if you are of large stature. My brother was asked to go in for an interview with a very prestigious real estate company and he wants to make a great first impression. It would be great if there was a retailer that had a Timepiece watch that he could be to make him look more professional.

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  31. Best Shayari

    Amazing content on this website. Most welcome for the great shayari.


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