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  1. Brian Travinski

    I had a Pro Diver that I bought from Invicta. I went to register the extended warranty and it kept asking for money. They said on TV that it was free. Guess not.
    Then when I tried to contact the company, the customer service line always says, ” your caller # 34 and your wait time is 44 minutes” says that no matter how many times you call day or night.
    So I thought I’d get creative and call the Corporate offices seeing that they are right here where I live in South FL. They don’t even answer the phones! It just rings and rings! Then I got lucky one day and a lady answered and said for me to email her my receipt and she’d help me out. I did, 3 times! And triple checked the Email address with her. But she swears she’s not getting the Emails.

    Its been a nightmare. And when looking up the company information, Elel says in an interview that he doesn’t want ANY contact with consumers! Well, it appears that with the lack of customer service, that statement is pretty obvious.
    I Emailed customer service,they never responded nor did that lady ever call me back even though I left my phone number with her.

    VERY disappointed in this company. And as the Pres/CEO of a Media Corp, I personally don’t see how they can survive in business with this level of poor customer service and lack of customer loyalty. Should NEVER be this hard to get a watch fixed.

    1. Jeffrey Saltzman

      They are playing a sheer numbers game. Same as the 17 major different designs and the variations of each design within each sub-group….you’re bound to find something you like … Or so it’s their philosophy.

      1. Jeffrey Saltzman

        I would submit they are much more of a marketing company than a sheer watch company. That would lead one to believe they gave excellent customer service and warranty claims service. Sadly, such is not the case at all…but I’ll save that for my own article that I’m writing.

    2. Simon West

      I have spoken to a couple of people at Invicta.
      Never had a problem with support so far.

      1. Linda R.

        Simon; You’re the only one who’s never had a problem with support.

    3. Lindsay

      Don’t send to their repair facility. I sent an Invicta Reserve to repair facility for an estimate and they give an estimate to repair for more than I paid for the watch. Watch kept perfect time when I sent in, but had a scratched flame fusion crystal. I declined their service and when I received the watch back it gains 3 hours+ in 24 hour period.

    4. steve

      not sure why you are having so many issues ? im not an invicta employee or affiliated in any way I bought the star wars edition R2d2 called the number on the warranty card and got right through last month i had a small defect one of the crowns popped out i sent it to the hollywood florida address and got it back 3 days ago.They not only replaced the crown but polished some scratches and it appears they also replaced the rubber strap because my other one had a small cut on it and buffed out the scratch i had on the flame fusion crystal. plus sent me another polishing cloth no idea where my original went so that was nice.

    5. Cmw

      I like watches, but don’t wear them much. I have never purchased an exotic high end watch. I have purchased timex, Casio, seiko, citizen, and invecta.

      Never spent more than 400.00 for a watch. Have had all of the watches mentioned other that the invecta fail on me. Have never bothered with warranty or non-warranty service from any company directly.

      The invecta’s I have bought have mostly been automatics or mechanical because the last thing I want is a collection of quartz watches that I have to constantly pay for battery replacements.

      Personally speaking, I have been very satisfied with my invecta watches, good looking, even unique in some cases design wise and have thus far proved themselves to be a bargain in terms of style and function, for me.

      Wish they made more mechanical/automatic styles for me to choose from. Not worth the time and trouble to send away 100.00 watches for a 25 battery replacement.

      Anyway, I really like them, some updated designs on some classic Swiss made watches at really cheap prices.

      It’s a functional fashion accessory!

      1. Patrick

        How about learning how to replace a battery yourself. I bet you can’t change the oil in your car or fi, a flat tire. Oh and its spelled”Invicta” moron.

    6. [email protected]

      I’m really sad to read this. A company that could care less about it’s customers, regardless of their marketing ploys…will lose in the end. Business is about PEOPLE not just products. The two always and obviously go together. I wanted an Invicta, because as a Marine officer, I saw many of my officers and the Navel Captains and above wearing Invictas. I still have some pull, maybe I can start to end that trend, with another watch line. Thanks for this information.

  2. karim d

    to fix my invicta.

  3. Stormy

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  4. grande

    I always felt that it was better to wear a Seiko, Casio (take your pick of inexpensive choices out there) then an Invicta-Rolex look-a-like.

    1. Alexandre Bissonnette

      i have one innvicta and look great, like a submariner, these watches use real japanese(seiko, miyota) or swiss(isa, eta) mouvement mid end and high end invicta is great, high end watch owner donc like it because a 200$ invicta look like 10 000$ rolex 😉

      1. Nejat

        If you buy cheap you pay more than once !

      2. Nejat

        If you buy an invicta Rolex lookalike.
        That will say a lot about you !
        That you can’t afford to buy a Rolex .
        And you buy a cheap lookalike.
        If you’re going to buy an invicta .
        At least buy one that doesn’t replicate a rolex

    2. Linda R

      There seem to be a LOT of complaints about these watches. Many, many complaints. They look great but seem to fall apart in a short time. I was going to buy one of these but after reading the high number of angry customer replies I’m going to skip it.

      1. steve

        I own an iwc, patek philippe,3 rolexes, an audemars piguet brick which is 360 grams of gold, 2 breitlings and i wear my Invicta R2D2 instead of all my others i used the warranty once but i wear it all the time so stuff will break. I can be 100% honest in saying the invictas performance and reliability has been every bit as good as any of my 20,000.00 watches. want to talk bad about them feel free I own both sides of the spectrum and will be buying a collection of invictas for a fraction of what id pay for a new Rolex.

      2. Mike

        I have owned Rolex watches and other high end watches. I now own 4 Invicta watches. Each are different. All 4 combined are far less than one of my Rolexes. I have yet to have a problem with any of them. They look great, work great, keep good time. Never had a problem. The packaging alone is impressive. I have yet to find any man made product that is perfect. But the company make a good product. I would buy in the 150-200 range for a very high quality product.

    3. Edward

      “I always felt that it was better to wear a Seiko, Casio (take your pick of inexpensive choices out there) then an Invicta-Rolex look-a-like.”

      Everyone and their mother makes a “Rolex look-a-like” including Seiko and other well-known brands, not just Invicta. Invicta makes so many variants of different models that people will find watches no one else offers. To each their own I guess.

  5. Brian J. McClure

    Invicta watches are not No.1, but their quality is acceptable at the budget price point, the real problem lies in their quality control, it’s kind of hit-or-miss

  6. Jim pegg

    I have been an Invicta customer for many years. I own over 60 Invicta watches . I started out with less expensive models and was very impressed. I never had a problem with them . I rapidly began buying more expensive models and have been very pleased . I have given them as gifts without problems . I know that some people seem to have had problems but i will continue to indulge in beautifully designed and made watches of excellent quality.

    1. Ron

      Invicta makes a wide range of watches for the masses. Like Jim, I tend to collect the more expensive Invictas and they have provided me with virtually flawless timekeeping and zero issues. Invicta also makes/assembles mediocre or mid grade watches that boast “Swiss Parts”, but they are assembled in other countries with less than skilled craftsmen and the overall result is a cheaper timepiece with a below average warranty. Much like a Mickey Mouse watch from Disneyland, 90 days to 1 year only because they are not a top shelf production piece. If you want a top quality Swiss timepiece, you are going to have to invest more than a hundred bucks. To other peoples points as well though, customer service should be top priority for a company that is bringing in over $50 million dollars annually! My best advice is to continue to demand the customer service you deserve, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, otherwise, you lose out and they will not stop their growth for a mere bump in the road; you have to let them know you expect their integrity and follow through.

      1. Jeffrey Saltzman

        Although you’re correct about customer service, Ron, I can badly think of a company whose customer service hasn’t declined since the 2007-2008 recession. It’s the first place these companies start cutting…non-revenue producing personnel….cutting off their respective noses to spite their faces.

    2. John Hudgins

      I own four Invicta Sea Hunter watches. I have two that are over three years old and they a performing well.

    3. Simon West

      Buy from Amazon and get their warranty.

      1. [email protected]

        I bought one on Ebay with a 1 year warranty & purchased a 2 yr service contract for $7.99

    4. Doug J.

      Jim; You sound like an Invicta employee (or CEO). No one owns 60 watches in a lifetime, unless they get them for free because they work for the lousy company. You’re full of baloney.

      1. Edward

        @Doug J.

        I know of Invicta owners who have over 1,200 watches in their collection and they are not Invicta employees. You make it out like this is some super-human feat or something along those lines. This is a sign of having limiting beliefs living within you. I do admit Invicta is my favorite brand but I also like other brands as well. I could elect to criticize companies like Patek Philippe that charge such astronomical prices for just a wristwatch but choose not to because they have a market that is willing to spend that kind of money so more power to them.

      2. Kenneth

        LOL, your probably correct Doug I’m with ya I’m.

    5. Tim

      I have several Invicta Watches and i think the watches are well made with styles that anyone would want. I think the higher price watches are your best bet. The low price watches are mediocre and not high grade. Sometimes it is hard to tell what the true price is because if you shop on or watch the shows on t.v. they have a price than it is 50% 70% or more off so you would pay $159.00 and they have it listed for $400.00 ect.Others for $298.00 list for over $1,000 so it hard to know…

    6. steve

      people are saying fraud without fully reading the owners manual and service agreements. ive had zero issues sent my watch they more than did what i asked.

  7. Travis Salley

    Does anyone have extra links for a Bolt Zeus (0820). Invicta says I have to buy an entire band so I can have someone take links out and add to my band. $220 for the band.

  8. Irvin Martie

    For the money Citizen makes a great watch and you can get a good deal on ebay. These Invicta watch’s just don’t hold up and once they have a problem your stuck, no one will work on them. Citizen and other companies will repair their own watch’s , just takes some time but they are good about it.

  9. Mark

    If all you care about is the appearance of a watch, Invicta is for you. They copy many of the styles of the more “upscale” watches. But, if you care about quality or customer service, this is NOT for you. The Rolex Submariner line with date has a crystal that scratches very easily. Soon, it’s hard to read the time. Some are assembled in China. Some use Japanese movements like the NH35 series. Others are of “Swiss parts” but assembled elsewhere. You have to do your homework very carefully in order to determine what you are actually buying. Once purchased, you then have to hope that no warrantee work is needed. Getting customer service on the phone is like trying to find the lost city of Atlantis! And, even though there is a so-called warrantee, you still have to pay a processing/shipping fee to get it serviced. Even then, you will find a very slow response time in getting service completed. In short, I would highly recommend that you look at other watch companies if you need a good time piece. If you consider a watch to be merely a cosmetic accessory, then Invicta is for you.

    1. Jerry Hanna

      I have a Invicta Submariner clone that I bought in 2004 which I wore as a work watch for over 10 years. I’m not gentle with my watches and that watch is still working with no problems in over a decade of use. That watch has the Japanese Miyota 8215 movement which is highly regarded.
      The crystal is one of the hardest I’ve ever seen, I’ve managed to wear about half the numbers off the bezel but the crystal still looks like new.
      I was so impressed with that watch that I bought a second one 3 years ago. The new one has the NH35 movment and it has worked flawlessly since new.
      BTW the NH35 movement is made by Seiko and is an improved version of the 7s26 movement they currently use in their low end automatics.
      Perhaps I’ve just had better luck than most people but in my opinion Invicta is a great value.

      1. steve

        no you didnt get lucky mine has been fine and i dont wear my Rolex ,Iwc,patek phillippe, audemars piguet or breitling just because i am so hard on my watches the invicta has held up i have had a Rolex submariner literally fall apart after falling out a window i tested a cheap invicta russian diver and all the same fall did was scratch the crystal after repeating 3 times I was convinced enough to get an invicta for daily wear i bought a star wars edition R2D2 had minor problems which invicta fixed no questions asked !

  10. Audrea

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  11. Henry Cuandi

    Thank you for the article. I have an invicta watch too. Been wearing it for 5 years now.

  12. Peter Morland

    I have purchased three Invicta Pro Diver watches in the last 2 years. They all have the NH35A movements which are accurate enough. Two are more accurate than my Seiko and Orient dive watches. Got a a couple NATO straps with matching gold plated hardware for the 8929 models and they look great. I have read that the 8929 and 8926 Invictas are their most reliable models. Can’t beat the prices. Even their boxes are better than those of more expensive brands.

    1. jon

      The NH movements are made by Seiko. So Seiko is more accurate then Seiko. Well done.

  13. Sal

    I love watches and purchased a Pro Diver carbon fiber limited edition and had problems with the band due to the weight of the watch. Pins used are cheap quality, rather stick with brands like Citizen, Seiko, Noa, Rado, Tissot and Jiusko.

  14. Robbin

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  16. L.C.Jones

    I’ve never had a problem and I own several,
    They tell good time, they look good, and they’re
    Priced reasonably,doesn’t get much better than

  17. Tannner

    Listen. I bought a brand new 53 mm invicta reserve bolt/zeus automatic made in switzerland. If you know anything about invictas swiss made watches will not only have model # but a construction model aka serial # on the . Its open back skeleton with 24 jewels flame fusion crystal that does not scratch up! There are three levels of invicta chinese made ones, japanese qu
    arts and finally the real deal swiss
    Made. The swiss made invictas are the real deal and is one of the best watches i own. I have a panerai
    a gucci wstch and it is far superior. So when buying invicta buy swiss made only

  18. Manuel

    Үou compoleted a few nice points there. I did a search ⲟn tһe subnject mɑtter and found mainly folkѕ will go alonbg with witһ youг ƅlog.

  19. jon

    They make trendy watches that have some good components. Market them like crazy on Evine. Sell them from Sam’s Club, Costco, major retailers. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Hope you never need it because you may as well throw the watch away. Their poly link bands and poly insert stainless bands fall apart. The poly links dry out, crack and hopefully you catch the watch before it hits the ground. Warranty can take up to 9 months to get your watch back. It is because of the long lead times from China. They are made in China but so are other things we use everyday. They use cheap screws for the stainless bracelets. Great looking but nothing more than trendy fashion. They have a geek following though. Watches are dead now anyway. Stay away or not, it is your money.

  20. Gorin

    I have 5 invicta watches
    an excursion, 2 specialty and 2 sea spider I’ve been wearing some of them for years. They still looks good and works fine
    Invicta is a great value watch

  21. Tim

    jon you say watches are dead that is so not true… I see lots of people everyday that wear watches.. If you watch the evine channel on t.v. and you see all the hundreds of watches they sell each show in just a few hours. People wear watches lots of people………

  22. Tim

    Doug J You say nobody has 60 watches in a lifetime… Some people have 100s of watches.. people collect invicta watches most people have at least 10 watches from invicta. All these replies about Invicta watches most not good.. Well all i know is Invicta sells 100s even 1000s of watches a day so the watches must be ok for the most part…… I have 13 invicta watches and i have had no problems with any of them…..

  23. [email protected]

    I sent in 2 watches for repair that cost me $70 before they even left my house. $28 each for the repair evaluation and $14 for the shipping. Received an email that stated that 1 watch would cost $159 and the other $138. I replied back to them and told them to return them without doing the repairs. Receive a call from IWSC telling me that they would now do all the work for $100 so I agreed. next email came to me a week later telling me that all of a sudden I need a new casing for my watch and it was going to now cost $149. I once again told him to send it back without repairing it as the casing was absolutely fine when it was shipped. Now, 1 week later the watch was delivered back to me with the pin missing and the watch band was apart. Now they will not send me the pin that belongs to me with out me sending the watch to them again. Just curious on the 11 point evaluation inspection that the $28 was for, How did they miss my supposed broken casing? Oh yeah, when I received the watch back with the missing pin, my casing is still absolutely fine. Guessing that they are not intelligent enough to look up my model # and send me a pin.
    Nothing but shady people. Unfortunately I would never buy an Invicta watch again with the thought of ever dealing with these crooks again. While the watches were supposedly getting repaired, I bought 7 Invicta watches for all of my Groomsman in my wedding and have since then returned them all so they would never have to deal with this.

  24. George Franklin

    I would like to know where to get replacement band’s for my Invicta watches, model numbers : 16819, 0922, 6568, & 5734.Any help please. Thanks.

  25. R.Gopalakrishnan.

    I own a vintage Invicta ladies with the movement calibre 23951-(70), hand wind,with gold case.The watch is so tiny and attractive.It was running excellently with accuracy,till recently.I loved the piece very much.But,sadly,it stopped running for unknown causes.Examining the movement,I found the central wheel jewel had jumped out and the jumper in the stem side broken.I feel bad about the sudden collapse of the watch.I am trying to get the spare for the jumper,but in vain.Moreover,the jumped out jewel should be fixed,properly by an expert.I am of the opinion that there are no experts nowadays to work on vintage costlier watches.If anybody possesses the mentioned movement with all parts in tact,please contact me.Thank you,

  26. [email protected]

    They say on Evine the scam TV channel that sells these watches that this watch is valued at $900.00 but get it today for $149.00. Their is not a Invicta watch worth $900.00. Ihad a pro diver ,had to send it back and paid $125.00 to ship it fix it and got it back 4 months later. It broke again 3 months later . Pure garbage watch. Ended in the garbage where I should have gone in the beginning. Speny $700.00 and bought a Longines, happy happy happy.

  27. [email protected]

    They say on Evine the scam TV channel that sells these watches that this watch is valued at $900.00 but get it today for $149.00. Their is not a Invicta watch worth $900.00. Ihad a pro diver ,had to send it back and paid $125.00 to ship it fix it and got it back 4 months later. It broke again 3 months later . Pure garbage watch. Ended in the garbage where I should have gone in the beginning. Spent $700.00 and bought a Longines, happy happy happy.

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  34. Debbie

    Thanks; for the info. I will be writing a letter to the Attorney General’s office. I just need a replacement leather watch band for my watch and the only place I can get one is through Invicta. Its a special made diamond band. Cost of the watch $2100. I can not get anyone to call me back. No jewerler in town wants to work on it. They tell me to send it back to Invicta.

  35. Jeffrey Saltzman

    You sound like a competitor. There’s no fraud involved in bad customer service. That’s merely something the consumer should take into consideration when making a purchase.

  36. Sally W.

    Since crooked republicans have taken over Florida I wish you luck with the attorney general there. State officials in Florida and representatives/senators in congress don’t care a bit about their constituents. All they do is devise multiple ways to commit election fraud and pocket kickbacks and any other money they can get their hands on. Invicta’s business ethics mirror the ethics of Florida “elected” representatives. They just don’t care about their constituents. They are there to take your money and nothing more.

  37. jim coons

    Invicta just makes shitty watches that look good…It’s all about fashion, nothing else. Certainly not customer service or integrity.

  38. Dennis Cook

    Take it to a competent watch shop. It will cost you less. There is no warranty! There’s the fraud. They charge you just to open the case.

  39. Linda R

    Seems to be the case. All looks, no quality.


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