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  1. adanelle

    Skeletonized watches are really appealing. They tend to give uniqueness that will surely catch everybody’s attention.

  2. Ann

    The watch is beautiful, really. But it seems that the dial is a little bit difficult to read… Though skeletons are fascinating!

  3. Byron

    I absolutely agree that skeletons are amazing, but quite hard to read. I only wish that the Daniel Roth Watch Line would release a skeleton piece.

  4. empang

    Looks like abstract painting! Someone who loves art may grab for this design. It\’s very challenging to look on the time. Maybe young ones would love to have it.

  5. blogaholic

    Simply amazing! Hope I can buy my husband something this gorgeous. A Vacheron Constantin is still beyond my budget. He did give me a Chanel J12 last year and I want to reciprocate with something just as exquisite.

  6. David

    I agree to Ann, The watch look so amazing. It was created with inspiration. This watch also that I look so inspired, Delaneau Automatic Yellow Gold Watch, right?

  7. Susan John

    The watch is extremely trendy,but,it is damn difficult to read the time ,especially in darkness. Too much of style has reduced its simplicity. Last week,I found one Patek Philippe that is elegant and extremely simple. Yet, there is a royal element in it.


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