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  1. Renee' Sparrow

    I read about this new watch and it’s very interesting, beautiful, and something that i might think of purchasing. i would like to find out more about it and the cost and availability. I have been looking to aquire a new skeleton watch since i lost one several years ago.

  2. David Bennet

    My wife has this watch among many other. It is her favorite because it is a beautiful mechanical with an amazing movement that is easy to understand. They are priced well for what they offer. The showroom is in Beverly Hills CA 310-424-5701 507400

  3. richard johnson

    The design and easy to understand ???complication?? of this watch makes this a masterpiece for the lady watch connoisseur wanting a Pure Swiss timepiece. It reflects elegance and knowledge of the timepiece world. The automatic TriRetrograde movement is brilliant, featuring 3 sectors of 20 seconds each that count the 20 seconds then flies back, passing the movement to the next 20-second counter. Milus has now added a steel bracelet option for the Merea. It is most divine with the diamond dial, which also features diamonds on the lugs and crown.


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