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  1. dude

    rip off artist

  2. dude

    this is so gay

  3. me

    Beautiful timepieces…. except for that last one which looks like one of the Queen;s corgi’s ate the crown jewels and then sicked them up again…

  4. Rozza

    that last one is absolutely pointless. you can hardly see the actual hands, so its not even practical. if you want jewels, just buy jewellry. Sticking heaps of jewels onto a tiny face doesn’t make it a good watch. Bloody stupid! the other ones are sweet though.

  5. keith

    All i will say on the matter is jewellry makers stick to making jewellry and let the watch makers make watches

  6. junmac

    its so amazing!!! i hope to wear atleast one patek philippe.

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  11. Boby Stark

    I like the old style watches like Patek Philippe Supercomplication but the price is omg! )

  12. Macy

    Nice post and all watches, but the Chopard is more like jewelry, the watch dial is hardly visible…

  13. christopher land

    the last watch shown makes no sense at all why why why what a waste of time and money i would sell the watch buy a timex for $100 and live one hell of a happy ass life on the rest of the cash goes to show someone will the skill and money can create something so pointless in reality has the mentality of a complete moron what an idiot

  14. john john bangs ur mom

    shove all this ugly shit up your cornhole u cock sucking fags

  15. miguel martinez

    too much money…have u noticed the expensive watches look so simple then again they say simple is always better…i’ll stick to my citizen and doxa…

    1. WatchEx

      Yes you right, no wonder why there is a proverb “simple and genial” …

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