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  1. Lynn Schubert

    Cover of Rolling Stone, May 31, 2007, rocker Keith Richards is wearing a Stauer watch in a discontinued style called “1922.” Stauer watches are sold by catalog and direct print ads only.

  2. ciccio

    sorry but mr berlusconi wear a patek philippe sonnerie tourbillon.bye

  3. don

    i have collected watches since i was 4 yrs old and if there are any watches out there that need a new home please feel free to contact me

    1. Stephen Dillon

      I have a very old gold engraved pocket watch that was owned by Ceasor Romero and he traded it to my father in the 1960s for a set of caddy tires.
      He said he would pick it up on return trip but didnt.
      We used to watch him use it in movies . If you have an idea what its worth im thinking of selling it.

  4. Jubei

    Sergio Achards wears Casio Edifice 2008 edition.
    ….who is this Sergio Achard? Is he a famous Spanish movie director?…Oh, yeah!

  5. mirko

    where i can find a site where i can actually see celebrity wearing their watches?

  6. jake

    i like these things, they’re great. can u believe it? a watch that costs $430k ( that’s $30k less than half a mil.)? I can’t!

  7. johns

    what watch does harvey levin of tmz is wearing?

  8. ba8

    who of the celebrities wears Zenith Class or Elite ?

  9. mike

    harvey levin of TMZ wears 2 watches. A black Bell and Ross and what is the other one? It has a clear case, white dial and appears to be a chronograph.

  10. Michael

    I think the other watch harvey levin wears looks like a hublot big bang series.

  11. robert

    does nobody have the decency to admit their favorite watch is a black day-date swatch?!

  12. Daniel

    Harvey levin is wearing a watch with a blue wrist band. You guys know what type of watch it is??

  13. Mike

    I think Harvey levin is wearing SWATCH

  14. pinoywis

    harry levin is wearing an oversized orange dialled diver\’s watch. any idea what it is?

  15. shawn

    looks like harvey is wearing what looks like either a russia diver or an i-force made by Invicta,go to

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  18. Boby

    Tiret made a custom watch for Usher for $250,000 !

  19. Dwain Ali

    Hi, Can I use some of your information on my blog?


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